"And Allah invites to the
Home of Peace"
Surah Yunus, Verse 25 Surah Yunus, Verse 25

Prayer Times


5 Muharram 1446


1:50 pm

5 Hours 41 Minutes
Prayer Begins Iqamah
Fajr4:05 am 4:45 am
Sunrise5:50 am
Jumuah1:30 pm 1:50 pm
Asr5:30 pm 5:45 pm
Maghrib9:01 pm 9:15 pm
Isha10:46 pm 10:50 pm

Istiqlal Islamic Centre of Toronto

The Greater Toronto Area is home to many Muslim communities that need a community centre for religious, social, cultural and positive moral guidance. The Istiqlal Islamic Centre of Toronto (IICT) was incorporated on March 1st, 2021, as a not-for-profit organization in Canada.

Istiqlal is the Arabic word for 'independence'. Inspired by the Istiqlal Masjid, the largest Masjid in Southeast Asia and located in Indonesia, IICT promotes the peace and harmony of Islam in a multicultural society. Our Muslim community in the GTA has built a positive relationship with Canadian communities and will continue to be an exemplary Muslim community.

IICT programs will include five daily prayers, Friday sermon, weekly or monthly halaqas and Islamic major calendar events, Inshaa Allah.